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Portsmouth’s home broadband is finally getting brought up to speed

19th February 2021

Portsmouth’s home broadband is finally being upgraded. Fast, reliable broadband that allows everyone in the home to get the most from the internet might once have been an aspiration – but now it is essential.

And with the roll-out of full fibre installation across Portsmouth, customers are already being offered the chance to experience internet access with no slow-downs, dropouts or limits, thanks to Giganet. We’re Portsmouth’s local provider and many of our staff live locally and are looking forward to getting connected too.

The work to install a full fibre network can’t come soon enough. In Portsmouth, as across the UK, people have been forced to turn their homes into an office, a school, a social hub and an entertainment centre. Something which can put an unbearable strain on the internet connection.

A fast connection is vital for home working, online learning, video calling loved ones and streaming games, movies and music. But across Portsmouth, people have been finding their ‘fake fibre’ connections, which came with promises of unlimited use and superfast speeds, are in fact often slow, unreliable and don’t live up to expectations.

What is fake fibre?

‘Fake fibre’ refers to copper-mix FTTC or coax cable broadband that is advertised as fibre. FTTC, for example, gives users a maximum speed of up to 80 Mb/s, whereas FTTP full fibre connections can deliver up to 1Gb/s.

In the UK, these types of connections can be advertised as ‘Superfast Fibre Broadband’, ‘Faster Fibre Broadband’ or ‘Fibre Optic Broadband’. This misleads many into thinking they are buying full fibre. In fact, the fibre only runs to the local cabinet – the connection from there to private homes is still ageing copper that can be very slow and will be affected by several factors such as weather, location and usage during peak times.

We’re here to put a stop to this. We’re currently preparing to connect the very first customers to the new CityFibre full fibre network.

Why choose Giganet?

All our services really are full fibre right to your home, which means hyperfast speeds and no more buffering at peak times.
We are Portsmouth’s local full fibre internet provider, offering the fastest speeds in the area. The full fibre network is currently being built and more streets are being added regularly. For those streets where the build is complete, we are taking orders and scheduling installations.

This means that for the first time, residents can get real full fibre broadband. Our 900Mb/s package is just £40/m, compared to over £62/m for Virgin’s fastest 500Mb/s service.*

Portsmouth packages come with free set up** and Wi-Fi router, no automatic price rises after the contract, guaranteed speeds and 12-month contracts. Our local customer service team are friendly and happy to help.

We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot and have won numerous awards. The best full fibre available to Portsmouth.
So why settle for less?

If you’re looking to get connected, just click here to visit our home broadband site and check your address.


*Prices are correct at the time of print.
**Terms and availability apply. For more information, view the terms and conditions.