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How to Beat Your Internet Provider’s Price Hike

19th January 2021

Internet providers can raise the prices for your home broadband, even if you’re still in contract. Not all providers do this, but if yours does, you can beat this broadband price hike. By looking around and giving the right amount of notice, you might be able to switch to a better service for less.

Recently, Virgin Media announced that millions of its customers in the UK will be hit with a broadband price hike from 1st March 2021. This affects all UK cable customers who joined Virgin Media before 29 June 2020 and who aren’t considered ‘vulnerable’.

UK broadband customers could see their prices rise by up to £4.50 extra per month.

The good news is that if your bill is going up and you’re still in contract, this means you can leave, penalty-free! Just contact Virgin Media within 30 days of receiving the notification of your price increase.

For many, Virgin’s copper coax connection has been the only option for faster broadband. But this is rapidly changing. Smaller, more agile internet providers such as ourselves, are launching full fibre. These means that millions of homes across the country will soon be able to benefit from gigabit speeds.

Giganet Broadband Price against Virgin Media

Giganet vs Virgin Media in Portsmouth

Portsmouth was one of these cities. For many years, students, families, professionals, and residents across the city had very little choice in fast broadband. It was either Virgin Media’s often unreliable hybrid copper cables or very slow copper FTTC connections. As a result, residents were faced with huge price rises once their promotional period ended.

We are pleased to offer a solution to this problem! We’re bringing better, faster and more reliable broadband to over 3.5 million homes across the country.

We’ve joined forces with CityFibre to offer homes in Portsmouth, Swindon, Reading, Plymouth, Crawley and Horsham the best full fibre connectivity. That means speeds of up to 1Gb/s for significantly less cost. And importantly, our price promise means that we never automatically increase your monthly charge after your contract term.

See how we stack up against Virgin Media in our Portsmouth example.

Giganet Trustpilot

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

At Giganet, we only provide full fibre home broadband. No copper or hybrid mix. That means incredible reliability with no dropouts, speeds as advertised and the entire house using the internet at once to work, stream and play.

We launched Giganet Home to make home broadband simpler and better for customers. Incredible speeds, short contracts and unparalleled local customer support.

Escape your price hike and avoid being tied into a long contract. Check your postcode or get in touch. If you are in Portsmouth, Swindon, Reading, Plymouth, Crawley or Horsham, full fibre broadband is coming very soon so make sure you’re not stuck in a contract.