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Part 2: A Timeline of Salisbury’s Full Fibre Era

29th December 2020

Salisbury is now the first city to access Openreach’s new FTTP network. Unlike many other UK cities, over 20,000 residents can upgrade to faster, more reliable full fibre broadband. In Part Two of this two part series, we cover Salisbury and Giganet’s journey to full fibre home broadband and where we are today.

Home Phone

Giganet launches its home phone packages.

Giganet Launches Home Phone Service

Since the launch of Giganet Home, we worked hard to develop our VoIP home phone service. Our competitive Giganet Home Phone packages start from £3.49 per month and run over our fibre.

In our local cities, we wanted to give customers every reason to join us. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Only the best full fibre broadband with speeds of up to 1Gb/s
  • Local and non-scripted technical help if needed
  • Incredible value for money landline and home phone service
  • 5-star Trustpilot rated customer service


Copper FTTC Put on Stop Sell

Earlier this year, Openreach issued a ‘stop sell’ notice on FTTC broadband in several UK cities. Salisbury was the very first pilot city. The notice means that old copper-based products such as FTTC broadband are no longer available to buy.

Mark Logan, Director, Products at Openreach said, “We’re stepping up our plans to stop selling our legacy analogue services and instead focus on providing people with a modern, future proof full fibre connection that can deliver all manner of new digital services over the top.”

Over 90% of Salisbury residents can now access the new full fibre FTTP network. To put this into context, across the entire UK only 17.6% of the population can access FTTP. Whereas in Salisbury, the figure is over 90%.


Giganet Salisbury

Andrew speaking at the Salisbury Chamber event.

Where We are Today

As Salisbury’s local internet provider, we have been working hard to grow our presence in the city over the last year. COVID-19 has been a challenge for us, with no local events and reduced footfall in public places.

Salisbury Christmas Tree

Our sponsored tree on the Salisbury Christmas Trail

Before COVID-19, our MD Andrew, spoke and attended many local events in Salisbury to talk to about the work we’re doing and our vision for the city. Since then, we have focused on more traditional and digital media to spread the word about full fibre.

We launched radio adverts on Greatest Hits Radio Salisbury (previously Spire FM) and sent postcards to 30,000 local homes. You may have seen us in the Salisbury Journal with special features about the fibre roll-out and our packages and great value pricing. Since Black Friday and up until the end of 2020, we have dropped our install price in Salisbury to just £1.

We’re also proud to support the local community with initiatives such as sponsoring a Christmas Tree and supporting local charities.

We have the best prices in Salisbury, plus short contract lengths and the best local support. There’s almost no reason why residents wouldn’t want to upgrade to us. This is why over the last year we have connected so many local homes in our bid to be Salisbury’s preferred and local choice of internet provider.