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Salisbury’s Outdated Copper Broadband Put on ‘Stop Sell’.

25th November 2020

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Salisbury is the first city in the UK to gain almost complete access to Openreach’s full fibre (FTTP) network. Over 500km of new fibre optic cables were installed, providing over 90% of the city with the latest and most reliable full fibre broadband.

With the new fibre network available to over 20,000 premises in Salisbury, Openreach has now issued a ‘stop sell’ notice on all its outdated copper broadband and phone connections. This means that by December 2020, Salisbury residents will no longer be able to buy the slower Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) copper connections that most providers offer.

Salisbury is the first city in the UK to turn off copper and switch solely to full fibre, a ‘stop sell’ trial soon to be rolled out to 169 locations across the country.

Salisbury Broadband PricesMark Logan, Director, Products at Openreach said, “We’re stepping up our plans to stop selling our legacy analogue services and instead focus on providing people with a modern, future proof full fibre connection that can deliver all manner of new digital services over the top.”

With old FTTC being phased out, now is the best time for Salisbury residents to upgrade to ultrafast fibre broadband that provides up to 1Gb/s, without dropouts.

Giganet is Salisbury’s local fibre provider, helping homes and businesses upgrade to the very best full fibre. The ISP is also the lowest priced fibre provider in the city.*

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*On like-for-like services. Prices correct at the time of writing.