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Become a Giganet Gamer: The Best Gaming Full Fibre Broadband

24th September 2020

Get the gaming edge on your opponent with Giganet Full Fibre broadband in Salisbury. Lowest ping, fastest speeds and local support to give you the best around-the-clock gaming connection in Salisbury.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or simply want high-performance Internet at home, our full fibre packages provide the fastest, most reliable speeds with unlimited data, perfect for downloads, updates and streaming.


Giganet’s Gaming Full Fibre in Salisbury


Salisbury Gaming


Salisbury Pricing

Get the best gaming full fibre broadband without the premium price.

Salisbury Pricing

Giganet is the lowest-priced FTTP provider in Salibsury for like-for-like services. All prices correct at time of publishing. Prices include VAT.

High Performance Broadband for Everyone

Gamers demand the ultimate in connection performance and reliability as their very success depends on it! Our Full Fibre packages provide uncompromising speeds and service as standard to all our Salisbury Full Fibre customers.

That means, whether you’re a gamer, streamer, downloader or simply an email browser, you get the same fantastic performance and reliability. We only have one set of high performing and great value broadband packages. So you’ll benefit from the very best broadband available in Salisbury.

With multiple diverse connections from the Salisbury exchange, and careful monitoring of the network, we have large capacity to ensure that there’s always enough performance for everyone.


Become a Giganet Gamer

Upgrading to latest full fibre technology is easy. Simply visit our Giganet Salisbury page, enter your postcode, and choose the Full Fibre package that’s right for you. With just a few clicks, you can be on your way to faster, more reliable home broadband.

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