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£2,500 Gigabit fibre connection vouchers are running out

25th September 2019

Money is running out for SMEs to benefit from up to £2,500 ex VAT towards the cost of installing a future-proofed full-fibre gigabit broadband connection.

Just 8,160 connection vouchers remain*

The scheme opened in March 2018, and already £46.6m of the £67m has been paid out or allocated to customers. This leaves just £20.4m of funding remaining for eligible customers to receive a gigabit capable fibre internet connection. The scheme will close once the £67m of funding has been paid/allocated or once we get to 31 March 2021, whichever comes sooner.

September 2019 update

DCMS, the government department administering the scheme announced on 10th September:

  • 11,500 connections have been installed representing £26.6m of funding (£2,313 average voucher value)
  • 10,000 connections are yet to be installed representing £20m of funding reserved.
  • Therefore a balance of £20.4m is left remaining (*just 8,160 vouchers/customers if they are all at the maximum of £2,500)

Don’t miss out, get your £2,500 connection voucher now

Please see our Gigabit Voucher page for more information, eligibility and to register interest.

Gigabit Connection Voucher Map

This map shows where Gigabit Broadband (including the rural gigabit connection) vouchers have been installed or requested.

July 2019 update

Figures from early July 2019 for comparison:

  • 10,000 connections installed representing £23.1m of funding
  • £20.8m funding allocated for connections not yet installed
  • £23.1m remaining


Figures correct as of 10th September 2019.