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Big announcement! New 200Mb/s Leased Line can burst up to 1Gb/s

4th July 2019

Giganet is pioneering SME full-fibre connectivity with CityFibre Elite, and a big contributor for this is our launch partner status with CityFibre.

Together with CityFibre, we’re driving the roll-out & adoption of full-fibre Gigabit-capable connectivity that enables organisations to focus on their business rather than worry about their connectivity holding them back.

Today, we are pleased to announce a ground-breaking new 200Mb/s dedicated fibre leased line, with the dynamic capability that it can burst to 1Gb/s at any time, symmetric (same up/down speeds) without the need for our customers to ask for a regrade.


Introducing…CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex.

The Details

Customers who order our CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex service will receive a leased line internet connection, guaranteeing 200Mb/s down & up. So this is essentially like a 200Mb/s on 1Gb/s bearer. But where the CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex differs is that you don’t have to contact us to be able to leverage and use the full 1Gb/s on the circuit.

For some time, we’ve heard of Software Defined Networking (SDN) which can permit bandwidth changes via a web-portal, with quick or instant changes. With CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 you no longer have to worry about logging into a portal to make the changes and there are also no extra charges as there can be with SDN upgrades.

With the CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex, you will receive a dedicated leased line connection, meaning you will receive a carrier-grade Juniper SRX300 router on the end of the fibre, with 24×7 support, 5hr guaranteed fix, 99.9% SLA (upgradable to 99.995% with backup options), and dedicated bandwidth of 200Mb/s symmetric, and access to our NetShield monitoring tool. You also have the instant capability to burst to 1Gb/s at any time, without the need to contact us or paying extra.



Across CityFibre fibre-enabled areas.

Enter your postcode into the checker at the top of this page to see whether your business can get this revolutionary new service!


CityFibre Elite Flex Pricing

  • £249/month, £0 install (subject to survey), 36m term.
  • £279/month, £1950 install (subject to survey), 12m term.


  • Available across CityFibre’s network area. Check you postcode now using our instant availability checker (business-checks only).
  • ELITE fibre leased line
  • Ethernet delivery, no PPPoE or other encapsulation
  • 200Mb/s down and 200Mb/s up guaranteed & dedicated bandwidth
  • Ability to burst up to 1Gb/s down and 1Gb/s up at any time subject to local network capacity (often this is available as the network is considerably underutilised).
  • Giganet provided Juniper SXR300 managed router
    • Options for managed failover using another leased line or broadband carrier with IP address failover.
  • 65 working day lead time – could be longer if civils/wayleaves required.

Who is CityFibre Elite Flex intended for?

This service is ideal for small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) that demand guaranteed bandwidth of at least 200Mb/s, but who may need to burst up to use a full 1Gb/s service every now and again. This is ideal for organisations who have ‘bursty’ traffic requirements like uploading backups to the cloud overnight, sharing large files with suppliers/customers, uploading or downloading files to the cloud during the day, but who don’t need the assurances that higher bandwidth leased lines would provide.

It’s also able to be configured with managed backup and failover options from just £60/month extra. This provides continuity of service in case the primary service fails retaining your public IP addresses. Too often organisations fail to adequately prepare with resilience which given how much we all rely on the internet is not a good idea.

For larger organisations, or those that absolutely must guarantee more than 200Mb/s of throughput at all times, then our extensive range of CityFibre ELITE services is better suited. Our CityFibre ELITE 500 service which guarantees 500Mb/s is £358/month. The ultimate CityFibre ELITE 1000 service which guarantees 1000Mb/s is £374/month.


How are you able to offer this for such a low price!?

The CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex product is delivered over CityFibre’s Calix GPON fibre network. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is where a single fibre from the local exchange is split with a passive optical splitter in the street which then feeds off to end customers. This saves running a dedicated fibre point to point for each customer back to the exchange. The GPON technology securely allocates bandwidth to each customer using various optical multiplexing techniques.

CityFibre’s GPON network delivers 2.5Gb/s down and 1Gb/s up capacity across each GPON spur, which in the case of ELITE 200-1000 Flex is split to a maximum of 5 other organisations. In many areas, the number sharing a spur will be considerably less than 5.

Running the math’s, this means that 2.5Gb/s & 1Gb/s divided by 5 = 500Mb/s & 200Mb/s respectively. As the upload capacity is the lower of the two, then this is how we’re able to guarantee a minimum of 200Mb/s symmetric.

Within Giganet’s core network, we too have allocated 200Mb/s of capacity for each customer, with the capability to burst to 1Gb/s when you need it.

Using GPON is a more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver fibre networks as less fibre is used. Meanwhile the advance Calix GPON technology is able to be configured with CIR (committed information rates) to always ensure 200Mb/s & minimum SLAs for each customer.

Giganet is super excited about Gigabit connectivity, and therefore has decided to offer some incredible pricing to celebrate the launch of this service.



  • Service available in CityFibre regions and where the customer is within 100m (route distance) of the existing CityFibre network. Beyond 100m high risk of ECCs.
  • Install and availability is subject to survey, excess construction charges (ECCs) may apply – no obligation to continue if applicable.
  • Pricing correct at time of publication.
  • Service only available to businesses and after satisfactory credit check.
  • Payment by Direct Debit only.
  • Pricing excludes VAT.
  • Upgrading to a CityFibre ELITE 300, CityFibre ELITE 500 or CityFibre ELITE 1000 from the CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex is possible for a £1,500+VAT one time charge + the applicable adjusted rental pricing of the higher dedicated bandwidth CityFibre ELITE leased line service.
  • DCMS Gigabit voucher subject to scheme rules and terms. See this page for details.
  • This service is not yet available in Coventry, Huddersfield, Hull or Peterborough (even if our availability checker says it is! We can’t change this unless we spend lots of work and these areas are anticipated to be included by August 2019).
  • Customers must be a SME. (Sadly this means companies with 500+ staff, public sector, higher education, data centers, hosting companies, telecoms wholesalers/carriers, and enterprises are not eligible for this service.)
  • The rest of our terms apply.