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Fibre-first towns and cities pre-availability checker

11th June 2019

The Giganet website live availability checker now checks whether your home or business is one of the ~500,000 properties covered by Openreach’s Fibre-First towns and cities FTTP infrastructure rollout, who can order an FTTP service within 6-12 months.

The Openreach Fibre-First programme is set to benefit over 4 million properties by the end of March 2021. ~500,000 will be covered by the infrastructure build and will be available for ordering within 6-12 months.

The build programme is rolling out the fibre spines, nodes and distribution points from the exchange along roads, pavements, and routes, to locations nearby homes and businesses. From here, if customers decide to order, they can be connected from 10 working days typically. Customers will not automatically be connected to FTTP unless they order this once it’s available.

First of its kind checker

We understand that this type of pre-availability checker is the first of its kind from a UK ISP. It enables businesses and residents to plan their FTTP full-fibre upgrade 6-12 months ahead of it being available to order.

How our pre-availability FTTP checker works

  • We have built a proprietary database complete with Openreach’s list of ~500,000 properties that are set to be covered as part of the ‘fibre-first’ programme.
  • This database allows us to match an address that visitors specify, to check against whether they will be able to order FTTP soon.
  • If “UltraBEAM xxxx Planned” services are returned after running an availability check, this means that your address will be able to receive a full-fibre FTTP service within 6-12 months.
  • Any “UltraBEAM xxx Planned” services returned display what bundled router, speeds, pricing and contract length will be available to order to you once the FTTP build is complete.
  • If you can order FTTP today, then you will see the “UltraBEAM xxx” services without the “Planned” suffix.
  • Install leads times are then from 10 working days.
  • If you are located in Salisbury, then you are in one of our Giganet Local areas, and we can offer 500Mb/s and 1Gb/s FTTP services.
  • For the rest of the UK, we can offer up to 300Mb/s FTTP.
  • The checker is updated monthly.
  • Running a business check with display business tailored (planned) services, whereas a residential check will display our home (planned) tailored services.