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Giganet’s growth results in major network upgrade

3rd June 2019

We’re upgrading Giganet’s core network capacity by a factor of 20x in light of the strong customer growth and demands for higher bandwidth connections.

Giganet’s significant investment in its core router capacity will see us have 400Gb/s router capacity, compared to 20Gb/s today. This investment will ensure that Giganet continues in its promise not to be the bottleneck when it comes to superfast broadband or dedicated leased line connections.

Giganet is reaffirming its confidence in the Juniper Networks MX 3D carrier-grade router series, with the new MX204 supporting up to 400Gb/s of throughput at full spec. The MX204 allows us an evolutionary step that will support the next wave of high bandwidth customer connections. The MX204 platform allows us to reach new levels of power efficiency at just 0.9 W/Gb when fully loaded.

Upgrade Process

The new Juniper MX204 router will be firstly soak tested and put through a series of tests prior to being installed in our Telehouse North data centre. It will then be carefully integrated into the network and put through a series of further tests before we start to migrate live services across one-by-one. Finally we’ll then migrate all remaining services, interconnects, peering and transit uplink connections and decommission the old core router.

Customers will be kept up to date via our Network Status Page with the various maintenance events. All ‘at-risk’ or disruptive works will be conducted outside of business hours.

Once integrated into the network, Giganet will be proactively upgrading transit, peering and carrier interconnects to take advantage of the extra headroom that the new MX204 router provides. This is a proactive step to ensure that Giganet continues to not be the bottleneck.

The works have already commenced, and we anticipate that the upgrade will be complete by the end of July 2019.