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5 Questions You Should Ask Your New Business Internet Provider

21st March 2019

Internet is mission-critical for businesses today. It’s at the heart of how organisations communicate, how products and services are produced and sold globally and how operations run day-to-day. Without fast and reliable connectivity, companies may struggle to keep their doors open, let alone achieve any real growth.

The reality for many local businesses is that they are tied down to long contracts with providers that can’t deliver the speeds or level of service they need. The result tends to be higher costs, increased downtime and slower response. In an increasingly connected business world that promotes remote working and leverages IP-based technology such as VoIP and Unified Communication, Internet plays a critical role.

Much like your car or home insurance, if you think you can find a better deal shopping around you wouldn’t just accept the renewal quote. So why do it for your business Internet? Organisations can save huge amounts of time, money and stress by considering industry-recognised providers. But you should ask the following questions before you switch:


What should you ask your new ISP?

Your business should ask your new business internet provider (ISP) these 5 key questions.

Can you guarantee the best price, quality and service?

Businesses shouldn’t have to compromise between price and quality on their connectivity. Organisations need providers that can deliver uncompromising connectivity at unmatched prices.

As a business you should ensure that your internet service provider is providing a stable, reliable connection with an SLA that provides some form of security in case of downtime caused by first or third-party providers.

At Giganet, we work with the best local infrastructure partners to be able to offer our customers ultrafast speeds at very competitive prices. We guarantee to be the best value for business.

What experience do you have in serving businesses like mine?

With something as critical as your business Internet, you need to be assured that your provider can be trusted and is experienced enough to deliver the uninterrupted connectivity you need, when you need it. Giganet’s parent company, M12 Solutions has over 15 years’ Internet, Telecoms & VoIP experience and is highly trusted and commended by local businesses. Giganet have extensive experience delivering connectivity to businesses of all sizes and industries. Read some of our case studies for more details.

Can you guarantee reliable speeds when I need it the most?

Slow speeds limit business productivity and can have disastrous impact on your bottom line. Companies should choose providers that are invested in helping them implement future-proof solutions that guarantee maximum speeds, now and in the future. Organisations should be able to rely on their providers to deliver connectivity with maximum uptime. That means proactively monitoring networks to tackle issues before they arise.

Can you support my sites locally, regionally and nationally?

As a larger, multi-site business, choosing different Internet providers for different areas can often be more expensive and time consuming. You need your provider to cater to your sites, wherever they may be. That requires strong network infrastructures and national carrier relationships. Aside from our own local infrastructure, we work with the best national carriers such as CityFibre, Colt, Entanet, Openreach, SSE, Sky, TTB, BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business, Virtual1, Vodafone and more.

What makes you different from other providers?

For many suppliers, price is often the differentiator. Whilst we are proud of our great value services, buying on price alone is not what we believe offers the best long-term solution. Businesses needs to have their values aligned with their providers.

At Giganet, we are recognised for outstanding customer service, with market leading Net Promoter Scores for customer satisfaction and many industry awards.

Our industry leading Internet connectivity has accelerated the growth of local businesses across the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering the best value, best service and best performing solution in the market. If you’re looking to switch your Internet provider, please get in touch.