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Availability Checker Updates

20th February 2019

Our website has had tremendous success since it was launched in September 2018. Over 5,000 quotes have been run, generating nearly 1,000,000 individual quote line options! Our API and behind the scenes algorithms take all of the individual quote options returned from the carriers we partner with, consolidate to the lowest-cost option, and then we return a basket of the most popular services to the enquirer. This typically takes less than 30seconds and is available 24×7.

What makes Giganet unique amongst most of our competitors is that we expose the powerful carrier API checking tools into a simplified & consolidated availability checker on the public Internet. This is a live checker returning results for any new infrastructure built, as well as dynamic and constantly updated pricing. As Giganet partners with over a dozen national broadband and leased line carriers, we offer more choice than simply going to the UK’s big incumbent provider. As we run our own ISP, we interface with these broadband and fibre networks at a low-level (layer 2) that permits us to offer the most innovative products, great support, proactive monitoring, and fantastic pricing. This avoids the middle-man quandary. You’re dealing with passionate experts who run their own network, and who aren’t reselling or getting a commission from someone else.

  • With Giganet’s availability checker, businesses can now run leased line quotes checking over a dozen carriers from the comfort of their home on a Sunday.
  • Residential customers can check from three different ultrafast hybrid-fibre and full-fibre broadband services, from carriers such as CityFibre, Gigaclear and Openreach.
  • Giganet partners with more ultrafast hybrid and full-fibre broadband carriers too. Our availability checker displays the best option no matter where you are.

Version 2 of the Availability Checker

We have taken the feedback from our launch site and improved it further.

We’ve introduced:

  • An affiliate/referrer scheme
  • Filtering business vs home
  • A promo code/marketing tracking field
  • Mandatory contact details before quotes are displayed.


  1. Contact Details

Let’s cover the last item first, as this will be the most controversial perhaps given our launch promise of not requiring this data in the first place. Simply put, we had too many enquiries and too little information or follow-up from those that ran them. We still had great conversations and many orders from the site, but we knew we could do better.

Therefore as a small price to pay for visitors to benefit from our sophisticated availability tool, we know require some contact details before we reveal the pricing. Unless the contact details are provided, we don’t provide the results. These details will allow us to contact the enquirer and ensure that they found what they were looking for and whether we can be of any assistance in their research/purchase decision. Of course, we’ll comply with GDPR requests for anyone who then subsequently wishes their details to be removed.


2. Affiliate Code

We now have built in a system that will effectively manage our affiliate style agents; these are businesses that refer business to us for us to sell the solution to the customer. In return for a successful sale, we will provide a one-off commission to the affiliate in recognition for their efforts to promote Giganet.


3. Filtering business vs home packages

Part of the reason we have so many quote line items (nearly 1,000,000 from just over 5,000 quotes), is because of all the checks against home addresses. It’s completely over the top and largely necessary to be running business-grade leased line quotes against residential addresses. Therefore starting from our new availability check process, we now ask the visitor whether they are checking “business” or “home” services. This will also have the positive side-effect of speeding up the home service checks. We no longer have to wait for around 30s until all our national leased line providers have returned with their pricing options.

4. Promo code/marketing tracking code

This final new feature should provide customers with a great benefits over the coming months and years. Our promo code system is quite a sophisticated system that will allow us to provide dynamic pricing and promotions against any returned results. Watch out for our advertising, marketing and social media channels.



Giganet’s in the unique position of running its own network, dev-ops teams, and having a strategy of automation, transparency, simplification and innovation. Part of this strategy is our approach to our website, tools and systems, and we trust that our visitors and we trust future-customers will enjoy the new features of our availability checker.