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Announcing UltraBEAM+

6th December 2018

At Giganet, we strive hard to demonstrate clear differentiation amongst our competitors; for instance we:

  • Own and operate our own core ISP network.
  • Developed an advanced quote tool to provide instant quotes on our website.
  • Unbundled and installed our own equipment into the local telephone exchanges near to our office in Whiteley, Hampshire. This is to reduce the supply-chain and provide improved communications and pricing.
  • Ensure all our business broadband packages include 24×7 6hr fix SLAs and care levels as standard, unlike most who re-package residential services levels.

However, sometimes even the above points are not enough. Prospects still think that the underlying service is a commodity, and it’s just down to price alone. We strongly disagree with that, but we do appreciate that it can get quite technical to explain the differences, and some of these points may only matter 1 or 2% of the time, such as when outages happen. Take the current UK-wide O2 outage as an example.

When connectivity is the lifeblood of a business, can you afford not to have the best broadband service you can get, for a great-value price?

Introducing UltraBEAM+; a completely unique service that “no-one else can offer”1

Giganet are excited to develop & launch the first of its kind, full-fibre & widely-available broadband service – UltraBEAM+.

It’s available today at over 5,000 postcodes served by the Basingstoke, Winchester and Salisbury exchanges.

You cannot get UltraBEAM+ from any other provider.

Lead times are from just 35 working days.

It’s pure-fibre, reliable and future-proofed as a result.

UltraBEAM+ is ideal for SMEs with up to 50 staff who demand more speed and reliability than FTTC (hybrid-fibre) broadband can offer, but can’t justify the costs or demand the full features of a leased line.

UltraBEAM+ has been developed by Giganet to sit between our SuperBOLT FTTC broadband and our ELITE leased line services, making UltraBEAM+ ideal for SMEs looking for more speed than what FTTC broadband can provide, but that’s significantly more affordable than a similar speed leased line.

Full-fibre 500Mb/s broadband from £249/month2

So how much does this all cost you’re asking?

Pricing starts from just £249/month2 for a 500Mb/s down & 500Mb/s up, full-fibre UtraBEAM+ service, yet it includes ‘leased line’ style 24×7 support and 6 hour fix.

UltraBEAM+ is not available from other Internet providers, and is exclusively available to SMEs located within the 3 Giganet Local areas of Basingstoke, Salisbury & Winchester. This includes over 5,000 postcodes.

What makes UltraBEAM+ unique is that it’s not based on the very limited Openreach or Virgin FTTP services. This makes UltraBEAM+ the most widely available full-fibre (FTTP) broadband service in these Giganet Local towns and cities.

UltraBEAM+ configured as a ‘broadband service’ and therefore isn’t quite like an uncontended leased line, yet many SMEs don’t require this capability as it is overkill for their requirements. However, if requirements change, then another unique benefit of UltraBEAM+ is that we can remotely upgrade the service to be an ELITE uncontended leased line service. No one else can offer this. The only delay is configuring and shipping the managed Juniper router, but this can all take place within 7-14 working days.

Inspiration for UltraBEAM+

Giganet are proud launch partners with CityFibre in our home city of Portsmouth. CityFibre, for those that don’t know, have the largest alternative full-fibre network apart from Openreach and Virgin. But unlike those, with CityFibre there are no copper-broadband services on their network – it’s completely fibre and future-proofed!

With CityFibre, we have access to a fantastic GPON full-fibre broadband service, ideal for SMEs, which offers either 500Mb or 1Gb/s symmetric speeds with prices from just £199/month1.

CityFibre were the only ones to make this kind-of service widely available, but it’s only available in the towns and cities that CityFibre are in. That’s the caveat. Where it is available, there’s nothing else quite like it, and at Giganet the sales of this service are flying compared to all other type of service.

This got us thinking at Giganet….
We have unbundled and installed our own Juniper carrier-grade networking equipment in the Basingstoke, Winchester and Salisbury exchanges. Therefore ‘could we create our own version of the CityFibre GPON services…?’

It turns out YES we could.

Get more information about UltraBEAM+

We’re really excited to launch UltraBEAM+ and make available to Hampshire and Wiltshire SMEs a great value, high SLA, super-reliable full-fibre broadband service.

For more information;

  • check your address with our instant live checker
  • or contact us.


Matthew Skipsey
Technical Director & Head of Giganet




1When I say “no-one can offer” – I mean today, and in the areas we are making available UltraBEAM+. There’s always the possibility that others may like to copy us. As a famous quote from Charles Caleb Colton says; “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”.

2£249/month is available for businesses that can secure a Gigabit broadband voucher and order before 31/01/19. £349/month is the usual RSP price without a voucher. Terms apply.
36 month term as standard. Pricing excludes VAT at the prevailing rate. Service, pricing and installation are subject to survey. Pricing correct at the time of publication. Please use our availability checker for our latest live pricing, or contact us.