We believe that loyalty should be rewarded

When you refer a friend to Giganet, both of you receive £50.

We have doubled our referral credit to £50 each (until 1st Jan 2022). Simply share your code via WhatsApp, e-mail, or on your personal social media. The number of referrals you can make is uncapped, so you can just keep on saving!

Just one but, new customers who sign up through our own channels will not be counted, so don’t waste your codes on our social media!

You will each receive £50 as a credit on your account after your friend has been connected for three months. You can check the status of your referrals in the customer portal here.

Refer your friends

How to share your link

  1. Login to your account page and click on ‘Refer a friend’.
  2. Get your unique link and with one click, share your personal referral codes directly via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.
  3. Your friend clicks on your link, and orders one of our full fibre services (you will then see that referral in your customer portal and it will indicate the status of the credit).
  4. Your customer portal will indicate when your credit has been added and, on your next invoice, we will automatically deduct against your charges. If the credit(s) exceed your invoice, then you won’t be charged, and any balance will carry forward to the next month.
Refer your friends

Important notes

Your friend must use your refer a friend tracking code for the credit to apply correctly. They will see confirmation of this on their order before they complete. If they use someone else’s code, or it doesn’t register (as their PC is blocking cookies for example), then neither of you will get the credit.

If the refer a friend credit is not showing in their order page, but they still proceed to complete their order, then there is no way that we can retrospectively apply the credit.

The refer a friend scheme is online only – no telephone/offline orders.

Sadly, we cannot retrospectively apply refer a friend credits, even if your friend did refer you.



Your friend must use your tracking link for the credit to apply.

Your friend must have been connected for three months, and have their account in good standing in order for us to apply the credit to both your accounts.

If your friend becomes involved in a payment dispute with us whilst they are in contract, then the credit on your account is null and void. This may mean that you have to pay us back.

We reserve the right to validate referrals if we suspect that they are not within the spirit of the refer a friend scheme – e.g. they are not a friend, neighbour or family – and we shall void off any referrals that breach the spirit.

We may withdraw or change the refer a friend scheme at any time. Credit is usually £25 each, but has been doubled to £50 until 1st January 2022.

Refer your friends