What is Pastanet?

We have revolutionised our residential broadband service across the UK by switching from traditional fibre optic cabling, made from plastic and glass to wholewheat pasta with gluten casing.

We have recently announced our plans to rebrand as Pastanet, to raise awareness of their latest and vegan-friendly innovation. Wholewheat semolina-based telecommunications technology that hinges on the use of dried pasta.

Until now, Pastanet has been connecting homes and businesses in the region to full-fibre in honour of government-led plans to deliver nationwide gigabit-broadband by 2025. However, engineers discovered a way to deliver data at even faster speeds thanks to the high fibre content of wholewheat spaghetti.


The science behind Pastanet

Similar to how a potato has been proven to generate electricity, we’ve found pasta works the same for internet data.

The glass used in traditional full fibre optics refracts light by passing data with two streams. But thankfully due to the glycogen structure of pasta, it allows us to refract light waves at 6x times the speed.

The shift to connections using dried spaghetti has already received glowing feedback from test customers and the company is keen to maximise the innovation by rebranding to a name synonymous with wholewheat pasta technology.

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Get Pastanet today

Pastanet would like to reassure readers that while scientific work continues to test this new technology, they will continue to deliver great broadband at speeds of up to 900Mb/s via traditional full-fibre methods. For full details on when Pastanet will be available in your area, check your postcode below.

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