How will the Cuckoo acquisition affect me as a customer?

What is happening?

Giganet have acquired the consumer broadband company, Cuckoo. As the rollout of full fibre accelerates over the next few years, together we will further prioritise your service and deliver exemplary customer experience. Giganet and Cuckoo have been vocal against ‘loyalty taxes’ and price hikes, and opting not to increase charges mid contract, with prices currently frozen until 2023. So, it’s two companies combining forces to deliver increased excellence.

Will my broadband product change?

No – the full fibre package you ordered, and use will not change unless you make a request to upgrade (or downgrade!).

Will the price change?

Absolutely not. We made a promise to you that we have frozen prices until 2023 and that we will not raise in contract prices. And when we promise something, we stick to those promises, so there’s nothing to worry about here. If you do wish to upgrade, we will be clear and transparent on the charges you will pay and, again, our promises hold true in this circumstance.

Will there be a break in my service? Will I experience any downtime?

Oh no – the transition will be seamless with no loss of service. The product and service you ordered will still be delivered in exactly the same way.

What does this mean for me as a current customer?

Your chosen product and pricing will stay the same just as we promised. We will still be just at the end of a phone line should you need to contact us. Cuckoo has a very similar customer ethic to Giganet with a focus on you, the customer, above all. We are working through exactly what this looks like from a brand name perspective, so if you have opted in to receive emails from us, we will send regular updates informing you of what is going on and when you might start to see Cuckoo branding on communications. It’s all very exciting!

So, who are Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a broadband company on a mission to become the UK’s fastest, fairest, feel-good internet service provider. Founded in 2020, Cuckoo has already been voted as MoneySavingExpert’s top broadband provider for customer service twice in a row and is soaring ahead of other providers with a top Trustpilot rating. Cuckoo also charges loyal customers the same price as new customers.

Why is it happening?

There was a real opportunity for two like-minded brands to forge a partnership. Combining forces enables us to grow faster, and better, to millions of customers over the next few years (as we know this is the key period of change for UK broadband).

When is it happening?

Over the coming months we will start to merge teams and work together for the future, and for a better future for you.

I have other questions, how do I get answers?

We remain obsessed with offering you exemplary customer service, so you can still contact us in the same ways as always – by phone or email. In addition, in response to you asking, we will be extending our Customer Service opening times this month, so you have even greater access to our teams.

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