How much is Giganet broadband?

Our current pricing is the same, no matter where you live or which network infrastructure we use. We offer four fantastic packages, and each of those is full fibre broadband, no copper in sight!

Our pricing is as follows:

Image showing Giganet's four full fibre packages - FullFibre150, FullFibre300, FullFibre500 and FullFibre900

All our customers are offered the same package prices, with no misleading welcome deals or confusing hikes after you’ve been with us for a set number of months.

In some locations, when you check your postcode, you won’t be able to see the top 900Mb/s package. There is a good reason for this. In some areas of the UK, we use the Openreach network, and in these cases the costs to us are too high to be able to offer our 900Mb/s at the same great price as our other areas. So instead of charging what we think would be too much, we choose to simply offer our other three packages in these locations for now.

To get connected, simply check your postcode today!

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