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Full fibre broadband for Swindon, with 3 months free

17th March 2022

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Forget superfast and ultrafast, Swindon now has hyperfast broadband, courtesy of Giganet and CityFibre. A brand-new full fibre network is rapidly being built, with over 23,350 homes already able to benefit. With a total investment of £40m, Swindon’s town-wide network will offer fast, reliable broadband, that much of the UK has yet to access. With CityFibre engineers extending the network rapidly, Giganet is becoming the trusted provider of full fibre broadband for Swindon homes. Plus, they’re currently offering three-months free.

Nearly 10 times faster than Swindon’s average broadband speed of 99Mb/s, full fibre is incredibly fast (up to 900Mb/s), ultra-reliable, and delivers exactly what the modern household demands. The pandemic highlighted the benefits of being better connected, especially when many couldn’t leave home or get to work.

With today’s need to effectively work from home, transfer large files instantly, and video call with no freezing or dropping out, full fibre broadband is simply the only way. Combined with the growth in smart homes, and an increasing rise in televisions, thermostats, cameras, lights and even appliances being controlled through the internet, the need for full fibre increases further. If you like to stream movies and game online without lag, full fibre is the only way to make all of this possible, all at the same time. And it does.

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So, what’s the difference between your existing copper broadband and the new full fibre?

You may have heard the terms ‘fibre broadband’ and ‘superfast’ – you may have even signed up to a superfast broadband connection. But, did you know that these are not real full fibre, and only deliver speeds of up to 80Mb/s? The fundamental difference between these ‘Fibre to The Cabinet’ services and Giganet’s hyperfast ‘Fibre To The Premises’ broadband is that ageing copper cables are still used. As opposed to Giganet’s end-to-end fibre (with not a millimetre of copper in sight!)

So, what’s the issue with copper?

Absolutely nothing…if you lived in the Victorian era and only needed to make a phone call! Copper wires were installed throughout the UK a hundred years ago and were never designed to support anything more than telephone calls. Yet many broadband providers like Sky, TalkTalk and BT still rely on this feeble technology to provide their customers with broadband. Then there are companies like Virgin, who also advertise their products as ‘fibre’, but their cable still contains unreliable copper elements, similar to cable TV. The old copper cables were never designed for the things we do today. So streaming, gaming and even basic working becomes painstaking.

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In contrast, Giganet’s full fibre broadband means you’re set for life, with fibre all the way to your home.

With a focus on trust and honesty, you will be blown away by Giganet’s speed, reliability and customer service. They don’t tie customers down to lengthy contracts or raise prices mid-contract. Their friendly Customer Service team is based in their Hampshire HQ, with no use of call centres, no frustratingly long wait times and no scripts, just real people on the end of the phone.

Giganet aren’t on price comparison sites, but along with free router and installation for most types of home, their monthly pricing is set. No nasty add-ons, just one low fixed price, and symmetrical speeds up and down.

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With significant funding, Giganet are here to stay, at a time when you see other companies folding. So, at a time when utility and fuel costs are rising, save money on your broadband with Giganet’s three-month free deal. Even if you’re in contract, you can order up to 90 days in advance, without paying a penny until you go live.

Residents in parts of Stratton, Pinehurst and Moredon are the first in Swindon to benefit from the fastest and most reliable internet services available in the UK, with the build due to be substantially completed in Swindon by 2024.

Want to know if you can get full fibre yet? Check availability and your postcode or follow @giganetuk for updates.